Mar 14, 2009

Christopher Bailey

Born outside of Philadelphia, PA, Christopher Bailey turned to music composition in his late 'teens, and studied at the Eastman School of Music, and later at Columbia University. Recent performances of his music occurred in Taiwan, Germany, Montreal, New York, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Minneapolis, and in Seoul, Korea, where he was a 2nd-Prize recipient in the International Composers Competition. Other awards include prizes from BMI and ASCAP, and the Bearns Prize. In summer 2007, he released a CD of piano music with electronics. For more information, mp3's, software, and fun, informative and interactive paraphernalia, see .

TIMELASH 2000/revised 2003
Timelash was written in 1999 as a kind of antidote to another work of mine, SL III: Trio, which is a long, mostly slow composition. Timelash proceeds rapidly, sometimes repetitively, in jolts and fits and starts, beeping out quasi-morse code rhythms, and occasionally colliding its instruments into scrunching climaxes. It also explores resonance: a chord is depressed silently by the pianist at the beginning of the work, and is allowed to resonate for the duration of the composition. I was very careful about the sounds of the harmonies in the work, though sometimes they whiz by too rapidly to follow the detail.